Flowers Genuinely Create Happiness

Everyone has a “fake” smile that they dish out for the sake of being polite and for shameless selfies, and we’re so gifted at it that we don’t always realize we’re doing it, but a real true smile is something different altogether. Scientists refer to this as a “Duchenne smile,” and it involves involuntary reflexes. The corners of a person’s mouth turn upward, their cheeks rise, and their eyes narrow, causing tiny crow’s feet or wrinkles at the corners. When psychologists at Rutgers set out to uncover how people responded to receiving flowers, the Duchenne smile was one key indicator they looked for. The results were published in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal, and conclude that almost everyone responds to flowers with a Duchenne smile. Perhaps most interestingly, both men and women were tested and the results were universal. Researchers also discovered that, in addition to true smiles, those who receive flowers become more warm and engaged, showing social signs of interest by stepping closer to the giver and turning their heads to the side. Bear in mind, the recipients didn’t even know the givers in the study. One group was simply lucky enough to step onto an elevator with the researchers and the other group enrolled in a study about moods.

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