Flowers Make You More Attractive

Another psychologist from the Université de Bretagne ran some seriously interesting studies. In the first, he recruited a group of women to watch a video of a man talking about food. Half of the women sat in a room with three empty vases, while the other half sat in a room with three vases full of flowers. At the end of the video, the women were asked to rate the attractiveness of the man. Believe it or not, he was more attractive to the women who sat in a room with flowers. The psychologist later ran a similar test, but brought the women into a waiting room with a man. Again, half of the rooms had flowers and half did not. The man asked the women for their phone numbers, and a whopping 80% of them complied in the room with flowers, while just 50% did in the room without. The psychologist ran a third test, but this time stationed the man in a mall. His job was to approach women traveling alone and ask for their phone numbers in front of three different types of stores; a shoe store, a bakery, and a flower shop. In front of the shoe store, just 11.5% of the women were willing to part with their digits, and the bakery didn’t fare much better, with 15.5% agreeing, but in front of the flower shop, he succeeded 24% of the time.

We still don’t know what causes people to behave differently when flowers are present, but it’s clear that they do. Whether you’re looking to brighten someone’s day or to make a good impression, ordering a bouquet is the tried-and-true way to go.

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