Handling and Care Tips

Handling and Care Tips


Roses: This time of year everyone talks about the price of roses and it is true that they have a tendency to escalate. ft is related to the law of supply and demand, but not perhaps in the traditional way. Roses require a period of six to eight weeks to develop sufficiently to be harvested and transported. Since Christmas is so close in growing time to Valentine’s Day, supply is often limited.

To make the most of your roses at Valentine’s or any other day of the year they should be handled properly from the start. Our growers and distributors do their part and when we receive them we carefully remove all thorns as well as leaves below the water line. We then cut the stem and put them into a hydrating solution. After two hours, they are re-cut and transferred to a warm-water, high sucrose food solution and stored in the cooler. When you receive them, if they arrive arranged in a vase, there is little you have to do. Just keep them away from heat sources such as radiators, wood stoves1 televisions and window sills. Make sure that there is plenty of clean, warm water in the vase at all times. After a few days, you might want to take the roses out as a bunch, re-cut the stems about an inch, change the water end place them back in the vase. If you receive the roses in a box or wrapped in paper, they will have water tubes on the ends to keep them fresh in transport. Remove the tubes, cut the stems about an inch and place them into an appropriate sized vase with warm water and the food package provided. Keep them away from heat and enjoy!


Roses open and hold at varying rates depending on the type and grower; however, you should be able to enjoy any rose under the right conditions for no less than seven days.




Jill became a grandmother for the fifth time on November 17. Brooke Nicole Stade was born to Billy and Monika. It was their third child and first daughter. We understand brothers Brandon and Travis are delighted with the new addition. Best of luck and happiness to all.


Donny and Barbara were pleased to have everyone home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Damian flew in from California to join the crew which numbered 24! There were a few less for Christmas, but much of the holiday week was spent traveling from one to another! It proved to be hectic in another sense of the word. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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